THE CITY CHAMBER ORCHESTRA SLEZINGER represents one of the main pillars of the musical life of Kragujevac. It was founded in 2006, in the year marking the 175th anniversary of  Knjazesko – Srpska Banda (1831), under the direction of Josif Schlesinger in Kragujevac, as a result of the undeniable need for a specific and valuable cultural and artistic role in the musical life of Kragujevac. The orchestra consists of prominent musicians from our city. The City Chamber Orchestra Schlesinger performed a large number of all-night concerts in Kragujevac, Belgrade, Smederevo, Nis, and Tivat (Montenegro). It was also part of television and radio shows (from live performances on RTS to numerous appearances on local media). Since 2011, the City Chamber Orchestra Schlesinger has been operating as one of the ensembles of the Kragujevac Music Center. The artistic director is Miroslav Mika Pavlovic, the concertmaster.

Miroslav Mika Pavlovic was born in Kragujevac. He was a student at the School for Musical Talents in Cuprija, and then a student at FMU in Aleksandar Pavlovic’s class. In 1999, he was promoted to concertmaster of the Belgrade Philharmonic. He collaborated with great artists such as Zubin Mehta, Mihail Jurovski, Nikolaj Luganski, Misa Majski, Uros Lajovic, Muhaj Tang, and others. He is also very active as a soloist. His performances with the home orchestra, as well as the Stanislav Binicki Army Orchestra, the Serbian Chamber Orchestra, pianists Ivana Pavlovic, Biljana Gorunovic, Katarina Pipovic, and others stand out. Chamber music is a particularly important and representative segment of his artistic creation.

Pavlovic performs as the first violin of the Mokranjac String Quartet. He is the artistic director of the Belgrade Philharmonic Octet, the first violin of the Ars String Quartet, and a collaborator of many chamber ensembles in Serbia and beyond. As a chamber musician, he collaborated with Gordan Nikolic, Jane Thomsen, Aleksandar Sandorov, Sandra Belic, Ljiljana Nestorovska, Hagaj Saham, and many others.